David Pyefinch

Producer, filmmaker, photographer, creative.

David discovered his love of filmmaking at the age of 14 when he got his hands on a Super 8 camera. He started making quirky films in his backyard and kept making them until he got into film school in Melbourne in his 20s. At the same time his career in broadcast television was taking him around Australia and the world through programs like SBS’s A Fork in the Road, and Gardening Australia and Collectors on ABC. He kept making his own films and traveled to Bra, Italy, for the Slow Food on Film Festival with his award-winning short, Filthy Burger.

When he left television to start his own production company, Madfinch Pty Ltd, he fused his passion for film with his other love – food.  Working for clients like Bruny Island Cheese Company gave him the chance to showcase beautiful Tasmanian produce. He developed his own unique style of video recipes that were taken up by Hill Street Grocer and are now loved by customers in-store and online.

He kept making quirky films including two award-winning BOFA films, Best Kept Secret and Above it All.

As an all-rounder with a talent for directing, camera, sound and editing, David can do pretty much anything. He has an amazing eye, seeing what other people miss, and creating authentic stories. He finds the best in people and places. He’s generous with his time and knowledge, mentoring young filmmakers and volunteering his skills for groups who need it.

He hasn’t made a quirky film for a while, focusing instead on nurturing the creative filmmaking talents of the other loves of his life –his kids.  David is a true original, one of those honest, compassionate humans, with a mind constantly bubbling over with ideas. If I wasn’t already married to him, I’d hire him for sure.

Melinda (wife)



I am always happy to chat about how I can help you communicate through video. 

I offer video filming, producing, editing services and photography. 

I can film and edit projects like the ones you can see here, or I can put together teams of people to facilitate larger projects.

Feel free to send me an email and I will get back to you.

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